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Refund policy

Refund policy

Cancellation Policy

Fermosa Plants aims to ensure a 100% customer satisfaction and our cancellation and refund policy reflects the same. Under this policy:

Cancellations are accepted and will be considered only if the request is made within six hours of placing an order. Why only six hours? Because, it is our endeavour to ship the plants as early as possible and within same day, if feasible, unless due to weather conditions or requirement of preparing the plants, the dispatch requires additional time.

However, the cancellation request will not be entertained if the plants have already been selected, bare rooted or packed for shipping early on request of the customer. 

There is no cancellation of orders placed under the Same Day Delivery category (applicable for customers of local and surrounding areas only). 

No cancellations are entertained for products on limited occasion offers. 

Refund Policy

Orders delivered & accepted by the customer cannot be refunded unless the buyer has informed us about any defects/damages as under this policy.

Fermosa Plants will reimburse the cost of plant/plants only under following circumstances:-

            (i)         In case of damaged or defective consumer durable items and nondurable items, customer reports the same to Fermosa Plants team immediately on receipt and in any case no later than the same day.

(ii)        It will be prudent on part of buyers to send us a video/photograph of opening of package and the damaged product to ensure prompt exchange or refund as applicable. The request will, however, be processed once Fermosa Plants has checked, determined and satisfied the genuineness of the claim.

(iii)       Due to any error by Fermosa Plants if the shipment is delayed for delivery (such as, mention of wrong PIN Code etc. on the address by us).

Fermosa Plants shall not be liable for any refund due to the inability of the courier service to deliver due to any error in address provided by the buyer or non-availability of buyer at the time of delivery attempt and consequently, causing undue delay which may cause the plant to decay or rot.

Fermosa Plants shall not be liable for any refund for any delay due to unforeseen circumstances like a strike, band call, or lockdown in buyers area after the dispatch of order due to which there is a substantial delay leading to decaying of plant/plants.

In case of non-delivery or loss of items or packages attributable to the courier company, the liability of damage or loss shall be on the courier company and any recourse will need to be pursued with the courier company. Fermosa Plants will however provide all necessary assistance in resolving the issue at the earliest.

Notwithstanding the Return/Refund Policy by Fermosa Plants mentioned above, each case will be reviewed on individual basis and we promise to keep customer interests first. Briefly, only in cases in which losses are clearly leading from a identifiable mistake by buyer or courier, liability will not be borne by Fermosa Plants.