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Guidelines for Care of Sansevieria by Fermosa Plants

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Guidelines for Care of Sansevieria by Fermosa Plants
1. Normally the sansevieria are not kept in direct harsh sun. Exposure to direct sunlight either morning or evening sun is sufficient.

2. Sansevieria indoors too is not advisable because of lack of light, under fan or in AC conditions. Ideally it is best kept in natural bright light.

3. Green shade is not recommended for a sansevieria unless is intended to be used only during peak summers.
4. Watering discipline is a must. Water only when dry. Less watering during humid rainy season and in winters (not applicable in areas where winters is moderate).

5. Sansevieria can take on drought conditions but does not forgive over watering.

6. Ensure large or multiple drainage holes in pots. Excess Water should drain out immediately without obstruction.

7. Use a porous media. Sansevieria can survive in almost any media provided the water doesn’t stagnate in the pot and is not retained around its roots for prolonged durations which can cause rot.

8. Cinder, Cocopeat, sandy soil mix, rice husk, coco chips, perlite and many other material is used in the media for this purpose.

9. Dead roots should be taken off from rhizome before planting. When a buyer receives a plant with a lot of roots, it appears that they will start growing again but once bare rooted and if received online after a journey, these roots are now not only be useless but can be a hinderance in new root growth. They tend to form a obstructive ball around the rhyzome, become meshy and lead to rot. Remove the thin roots which are dead anyway and then plant.

10. Keep an eye on your plant. A plant which has started to establish roots again will regain its brightness in a few days whereas the one which hasn’t will stand there lifeless. Do not hesitate to uproot the plant again and replant after shuffling the media once again.

11. When potted, a plant must be stable firmly. Pot is a bit deeper to encourage root growth. If for some reason after watering, the media levels go down, apply more media to place it in a stable manner.

12. Lastly, having ‘unlearned’ many habits, Fermosa now relies on the below potting mix of a completely soil less media.

A. Cinder- 70%
B. Vermicompost - 30%.
C. Neemkhali & Bonemeal.
D. Some fine Cocopeat powder.
E. Fungicide n Pesticide for worms in small quantity

13. On receiving a plant online, buyers should let it remain in open fresh air (not in sun) depending upon the length of journey it has undertaken the duration would be different.

14. After planting don’t treat it as if it is a healthy growing plant, keep it in shade for a few days before you move it to bright light. Watering too has to be cautiously done as stressed up plant is prone to rot easily.

Local conditions are different in every region and even within the house/flat where you are growing plants. Plant lovers still need to moderate watering, media and other plants care needs. I am aware of many great collectors of Sansevieria keeping their plants in full sun and rain. But that’s attributable to their years of experience and systematic hardening of plants.

Do not forget to spray plants with fungicide every fortnight.
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