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Don’t be afraid of Trifasciata variety of Sansevieria

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Don’t be afraid of Trifasciata variety of Sansevieria
I will try to be short. (Much of the write up below holds good for all types of sansevieria).

About three years earlier, I had killed a lot of Trifasciata and to my relief I found that I was not the only one who had had a bad experience with Trafasciata.

Today, after three years and having handled thousands together and having gone through different cycles of hit and run trials, we are now at a stage when whatever we plant, thrives.

Not a single Trifasciata in my collection now dies by rot. How? Let me sum up the basics for you.

1. Trifasciata needs more water than other hard leaf variety.

2. Trafasciata needs morning and evening sun and sufficient bright light through the day.

3. The media is the most important aspect. It is important to unlearn old wrong habits. Go soil less. Water can not be allowed to stay in the roots for tad longer than required.

Most Important and normally neglected aspect : Aeration

4. BUT, most important part. Cater for aeration. Cater for the wind by installing fans in wall or roof in area where your sansevieria are kept. This breeze by fans should not be direct because that too is harmful. Aim should be to circulate the air gently but surely. No direct gusts.

If your media is prefect, sufficient sun and requirement of wind/aeration has been catered for, none of your Trifasciata or other sansevieria will suffer.

Your investment in plants is just one part. Try a UV protected shed or call it polyhouse, it would be even better.

I now water all Trifasciata from the top and in abundance but my media is porous, I have UV protected sheds which ensures sufficient bright light and partly sunlight too, fans have been installed at a height so that their gust does not pressure the leaves in any way and I never water in summers during daytime, only in evenings. And none of my sansevieria dies. All Trifasciata including Gaster are thriving.

Believe me, if my Trifasciata are thriving so will yours. Follow the above tips religiously as there is no short cut.

If you like this information, please like and share this for benefit of everyone.

Happy Gardening !!!
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