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What's best soil mix for sansevieria?

By :Fermosa Plants 0 comments
What's best soil mix for sansevieria?
It's a common question and there've been numerous discussions about it, yet this is amongst frequently asked questions and beginners struggle to choose right potting mix for their sansevieria.

Before jumping to conclusion, it's of significant importance to understand natural habitat of Sansevieria. Sansevieria grow on clifs, under tree shades in sandy and gritty soil. While gritty mix helps in excellent drainage, sand retains necessary moisture which is integral for better root system.

While sansevieria can tolerate number of soils, the chunkier the mix, the better
There are many factors to consider before choosing right mix. Following is a list of few factors.

1: Sansevieria variety
2: Plant size
3: Air flow
4: Light

1:Sansevieria variety
Choosing right mix can be challenging if Sansevieria variety is not properly understood.
Many sansevieria grow in drier parts of SA but few varieties grow along coastal side and loves humidity, e.g Trifasciata etc.
Growing in a mix with higher percentage of water holding agent(perlite, sand, peatmoss etc) will lead to rot root if its used for thick leaf varieties like Robusta etc.
However, Trifasciata and other soft leaf varieties will enjoy a mix with bit of cocopeat/sand.

2: Plant Size.
Extra care should be taken for right potting mix according to plant size. A small plant requires sparing watering but perlite is recommended to accommodate for the necessary moisture. A mature specimen would enjoy frequent watering in well draining soil.

3: Air Flow
It's one of most important factor for smooth growth in Sansevieria. Constant air flow will help in evaporating excess moisture, which can lead to root rot.

4: Light
Good light value helps plants photosynthesis. As long as there's constant light, plant can soak up all moisture and a good growth rate.

Soilless media for pots.
In recent years there have been a huge increase in demand for plants and growers are pondering over new ideas to fulfill this high demand.
Soilless media is a smart solution giving the liberty to fertilize plants as needed, better presentation and easy to move.
Cocohusk is one of famous soilless media for pots and mostly used for sansevieria across different continents.
It retains moisture so growing and watering can be bit challenging. It should be kept moist, but not soggy.


I think the information will be very useful for Sansevieria Lovers all over.

Happy Gardening !!
Fermosa Plants
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